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 23rd and 24th May India Update ( In Short )

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PostSubject: 23rd and 24th May India Update ( In Short )   Mon May 28, 2007 2:56 am

Hi All

I have tried to give the short update from where i have start watching

キ Anupama's younger brother comes to her and asks her to give him a tikka since he is going for a match and she is his lucky charm.

キ For that anupama denies it first then agrees on his compelsion.

キ Then Anupama will water the plants in garden by thinking that if my bro lost the match today then i can't even forgive myself for it.

キ Chetanya comes and talks to her and will make her smile and says that he has to do all such talks to see her beautiful smile.

キ Maya and her mom sees this and they will talk that they have to keep a hold on this

Here comes the India Update for 23 May:

Episode starts with Anupama in chetanya room where he is taking with her and gets ready to go out
Maya comes there and shouts at Anupama for showing off in front of a young guy.
Anupama leaves the room cryingly.
Then she'll decide not to ome in front him.
In ved house ved dad will say that u have done erong to that young girl by hurtung her.
Then chetanya returns home and anupama will go inside. Rhidima will come and give him a CD and serves him food.
But he'll search anupama every where.
Then he'll go to her room to see her. she'll lie downand won't get up when he calls her.
Once he leaves she'll say i have hurt him butwhat else i can do. since mom doesn't like me seeing him.89
Then the bro will come and say i have won and says that is bcoz of his sis giving him a tikka.
Maya will plan a trip for chetanya and rhidima. for that ridima will say i'll take anupama too since she plans for something else for herself.
The next dat the 3 go to beach ridima will be talking and the other too will remain quite.
Ridima will get a call and she'll go and she値l ask them to wait tills he comes for which anupama says that they I値l go home and chetanya says they値l wail and ridima says that they should wait and she値l leave.
Ridima will go to a house to meet some one.

Update of 24 May

Episode starts with anupama saying her experience from child hoos that how her father hated her.
Some flash back scenes where the father shouts at a little girl.
Then she値l say that I have accepted the fact that I have to live life like this.
They start home since they have waited for so long.
Ridima will come once they start with a friend of hers (a guy) and follow them.
On reaching home maya will ask for ridima. Both chetany a and anupama will blink for that and ridiam will come running and say that she is coming with them only.
Chetanya comes to meet anupama and she値l hide a sweater made by her
He値 promise her that by trying hard we can change ur father.
Next day morning she値l go to give coffee to him and he値l shout and Badri kakka will come. She値l keep the coffee try and run inside crying.
Here in ved house they will lose some big property and ved痴 dad will ask that will u people say that is bcoz of new girl u r seeing for ved?
For that the Ved mom and ved will be schoked.
Here in anupama house chetenya gives the sweater to her dad and say that he bought it for him and make him wear it.
On see this she値l be so happy and thanks cetenya a lot.
She will come to garden and says that she was happy today.
On seeing this chetany will think to himself that I値l give much more happiness and will have u as mine.(so chetanya loves her)
Now suddleny ved comes and ask sorry and tell her to give him a chance to make his wrong correct and will say that I have to have u as mine and ask her will u marry me
Anupama will be shocked and so chetanya. Now the scene shows ved and anupama opposite to each other and in middle in a longer distance chetanya.

Update Written By: tulip21


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23rd and 24th May India Update ( In Short )
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