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 28th may Written Update

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PostSubject: 28th may Written Update   Tue May 29, 2007 5:23 am

Hey Guys

Here is the Written Update

Shabd say what i am doing in this room,last night i sleep in some other room.Shabd say i have headache.Mahi say i will bring tea and medicine for you.Mahi bring tea and medicine,Shabd say i don't drink tea in morning,i drink juice.Mahi say drink it.Shabd say only for you.Shabd drink and say lot of milks and lot of sugar.Mahi say i will goes.Shabd take her hand and ask where?Mahi say i have a lot of works.Mahi wanted to talk about last night but Shabd say i will just go and wash my face.Shabd come back.Shabd say go say.Mah say last night.Shabd say ohh i din't eat something last night thats why.Shabd say bring something to eat.Mahi say u sit down and i will bring the breakfast.Jyoti&Durga are coming down,Durga ask how i am looking?Jyoti say beautiful.Durga saw Rajji is studying.Durga say take care of Veena.Jyoti is changing her sandles.Durga say what are u doing.Jyoti say i am trying the sandles.Durga say come,Durga say to Rajji don't take all ur time in study,take care of Veena too.they goes.Rajji come in Veena room and saw that she is sleeping so she goes.

Mahi bring breakfast and she saw that Shabd is sleeping.DM come and say u are still not ready,u are going to ur home,when Shabd will wake up,i will give him the food.DM say i knew how to goes in sasural first time after the marriage,that Shabd is not with u but u can't bring him with you in this condition.DM say go and get ready.Mahi goes.Mahi is going but saw that Shabd sister open the door.Mahi say i am going to my home for phakpera.Shabd sister say don't come back.Mahi was going to say something but she close the door.Veena wake up,Rajji come and say u wake up,when i come,i saw that u are sleeping so i don't disturb you..Veena was going to call somone but Rajji say no one is in home.Rajji ask what u want?Veena say tea.Rajji say i will bring right now.Veena say no one has take care of me like that first.Veena say i want my baby to be like you.Rajji say are u sure it will be a girl.Veena say i want a girl.Rajji is bring tea and saw Veena is coming down.Veena was going to fall down cuz fo the sandles but Rajji come in running and take her.Durga,Jyoti&Veer come back home and they are shocked to see Veena.Durga say i say u to take her,i don't care about ur exams.they take Veena and goes.

Mahi come home and Moni do poja,Mahi meet everyone.Nani Masa ask where is Shabd,we hear that he don't leave u for one minute.Moni say Soni has tell us everything about the party.Brij say lets go inside.Preeto say to the mans with gift come inside.Preeto say lets saw what she bring.they bring Veena to the hospital.the doctor say her condition is very critical,i need to do operation or the mother and the child life will be in danger.all are shocked.the doctor say u.Veer say she is my sister.the doctor say u complet all the formalites.Veer say ok.a nurse come and say we need to complet some formalites,come with me.Veer goes with the nurse.DD&Jeet come too.DD ask what the doctor say.Jyoti say she say we need to do the operation or the mother and the child life will be in danger.DD say did someone tell in her sasural.Veer say no.DD say to Jyoti go and tell them.Jyoti goes.DD say to Durga everything will be fine,u don't worry.Durga say i take of her very nicely,i bring her in her Maayka because its the first time that she is pregnant and she will be happy here.Durga say to Rajji that she just care about her exams,degrees.Durga say if something happend to Veena and her child,u are the responsable of this.everyone are shocked.episode ends on Rajji face.

Comments:Nice Episode,I Love Shabd..I Hope Something Not Happend To Veena Or Rajji Will Be The Responsable Of All This.I Will Rate 10/10.

Written By Circut


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28th may Written Update
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